Who is Watching

Many people nowadays have laptop computers that have a nifty little webcam.   It’s that little camera just above the screen.  Look up there–see it?  Do you know it can see you?  It can.

In case you think that the camera is off until you turn it on, think again.  There are bad guys out there that can get into your system and turn the camera on.  This raises an interesting question.  Where do you keep the computer?  College kids keep it in their dorm room and the cover is most likely open.  Adults may keep it in the bedroom or possibly an office.  If someone turns on the camera, what will they see?  Only you can answer that question!

This is not science fiction.  It has happened many times.  I had a client who got the “FBI Virus” and the screen he saw included his picture.  Needless to say, he was upset.  He actually didn’t even know he had a camera.

There is supposed to be an icon or maybe a light that appears when the camera is active.  Trust me–the bad guys can turn that icon or light off so you are not aware they are watching you.

The easiest thing to do to thwart this?  Use a low-tech solution.  Put a piece of tape over the camera unless you need it!  Yes, there are ways of disabling it, but why not keep it simple?