New Computers

We work with individuals and businesses to design and build computer systems. Our systems are equal to or better than any commercial systems you can find. We service what we sell and warrant the hardware just like the “big guys.” The main difference is–if your computer isn’t working, you don’t have to spend hours on the phone with a tech who may be 10,000 miles away and whose second language is English. Call us, explain the problem, and we fix it.

Computer Repair and Client Support

Normally, we come onsite to diagnose and repair computers. If the problem is not easily fixed, we transport the computer to the shop where we have more resources for system diagnosis and repair. Parts are ordered from one of our many suppliers to fit any need. We also offer remote support. This means that as long as your internet connection is working, we can log onto your system remotely and many times solve your problem without ever coming to your site.

If you are a business, we give you priority as we know that businesses rely on their computers working properly. Our residential customers generally realize this and we thank them for understanding if we suddenly need to shift their appointments.

Virus removal and Internet Security

If you find that your computer is infected with viruses, spyware, or scareware, we can help you. Not only can we remove this troublesome malware but we can install a robust, efficient Internet Security program. You can check it out yourself (and buy it online) by clicking on the “Resources” menu item.

Data Recovery

Perhaps you have accidentally deleted files. Or, possibly you have re-installed Windows over an existing copy and suddenly you realize you are missing some data. In these circumstances, there is a good chance we can recover your data. If your hard drive still can spin up, we may be able to recover data from it. Unfortunately, if the hard drive no longer works, you’ll need to send it to a company that does data recovery.  This can be rather expensive, so be sure to keep a current backup of your data.


We can install and configure home or business networks–wired or wireless–to suit home or business users’ needs.


We have many years’ experience teaching computer courses and can provide individual or group training–in your home or office. We offer group training if you provide the facility.