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E-mail Explained

Confused about how email works?  Click here: E-mail explained.

Web Browsers

Confused when someone asks you which web browser you use?  Not sure what your choices are? Click here: Web Browsers.

Slow Computers

There are many reasons that your computer no longer runs as fast as it did when it was new. Click here: Slow Computers.

Recommended Products

Emsisoft is an excellent anti-malware program that we can get you.  We  use it on our computers here.  This company, based in New Zealand, differs from others in that it was developed by collaboration of techs from all over the world.   These people are serious about protecting your computer and data.  In addition, they constantly offer tips through their software and a newsletter to better educate the public on how to stay safe.  This software has proven itself by resisting the recent spate of ransomware.  Click on the link, below, to check out this product and purchase it.

Trend Internet Security is a product that we have used. It has performed well for us and those of our clients who use it.  We highly recommend it to our clients as a complete internet security package that functions well and protects you. A bonus is that it does not slow the system down like some other security products.  

No matter what internet security program you use, be sure it’s up to date and set it to regularly scan your computer.

Carbonite is an online solution to your data backup needs.  Your data is backed up regularly without worries.  Just click on the the word “Carbonite”, below, to read more, and, if you are ready, to purchase the software. We are available to help set it up on your computer or computers.