Phone Scams

More and more people are getting calls from a company that identifies themselves as “Microsoft Help,” “Windows Help,” “Windows Remote Support,” and the like.  These people tell you that it has come to their attention that your computer has been reporting a lot of errors and they want to help you.  Or, they tell you that they have noticed a lot of virus activity on your computer.

The object here is to have you let them access your computer remotely.  Don’t do it.  Once in your computer, they can steal your data, use your computer to illegally access other networks, or they can talk you into paying them a sum of money to allow them to perform all sorts of computer maintenance which you don’t need.

The best thing to do is just hang up.  NEVER let anyone access your computer remotely unless you have asked for that help–such as a trusted technician or possibly help from a software company when you are asking for help about a program you are using.