Free Email Accounts

Many folks have been using,,  and accounts for a while now.  Microsoft has been directing all these users to and they log on there. There are several problems with this service.

When you set up these accounts, it’s with the understanding the account is free and you will have very limited access to tech support.  Every so often I am called by a client who has tried to log onto a Microsoft mail account only to get the message that there might be someone else using the account and you need to confirm that you are the owner.  If you have not provided for this eventuality, you are going to be in trouble.

Everyone who sets up one of these accounts needs to have an alternate email address.  There is a place to list that alternate address when you set up your Microsoft account.  If there is any requirement to confirm that you are the account holder, the confirmation link or code will be sent to your alternate email.  If you don’t have an alternate email, you will have to answer a lot of security questions and most people have a problem doing this.

So–what do you use for your alternate email?  If you are a Centurylink customer, you have a Centurylink email account.  Same goes for Comast.  You may just have to go to their site and set it up.  You also have the option of setting up a Gmail account to use for that purpose.