Data Loss–what can happen

I’m sure you all have heard that people lose data. This could occur for a number of reasons:

  1. You are typing a document and accidentally hit the wrong key.  Oops–you’ve erased the thing you have been working on.
  2. You go to start up your computer in the morning and you get a message such as “no boot device”. Oops–your hard drive is no longer being seen by the computer.
  3. You sit down at your computer one day and try to open a document.  What you get instead is a notice that your document has been encrypted and you need to pay $500 to get the decryption key.
  4. You open your word processing program (or graphics editing program) and try to find your documents or pictures.  You find that the directories are empty.
  5. You come home after being out to dinner and find that someone has broken into your house and your computer is missing.
  6. You have kids or grandkids visiting and they ask to use the computer.  When you again sit down to do some work, you have absolutely no idea it’s your computer.  Everything is changed and your stuff is nowhere to be found.
  7. You have kids, grandkids, siblings, etc. visit you and offer to “help” you with your computer because it’s “too slow”.  So they work on it and “fix” it for you.  Now nothing works.
  8. There is a storm, fire, flood, or other disaster that destroys your office.

Sound familiar?  Yep–it can happen to you.