Cell Phone Scams

These days, practically everyone has a cell phone.  Along with the ability to make normal phone calls, the texting feature of most of the phones is a (mixed) blessing.  While it enables people to quickly send a message to friends and family, it does eliminate the social benefit of actually hearing the voice of the person to whom you are communicating.  It also greatly increases the ease with which the “bad guys” can attempt to defraud you.

Cell phone spam (often called “smishing”) has greatly increased.  It’s so easy to get a user to click on a link that is sent for offers of free stuff.  (You DO know better, don’t you?)  Also, if there are instructions to reply with “STOP” or “NO” just resist the urge to do so.  Why?  Because in doing so you have just confirmed that your cell phone is active and will allow the spammers to send you even more stuff.  Not only that, but if you don’t have a data plan each message costs you.  It all adds up.  So what could happen?  You could lose money by buying into scams or you could get one of the cell phone viruses or other types of malware that are floating around out there.

As a matter of information, there is anti-malware software available for many phones.  Get a copy for your phone, just like you have for your computer.