Web Browsers

When surfing the web, you use a web browser. I’m always amazed by my clients who, when I
ask what browser they use, just give me a “deer-in-the-headlights” look. This isn’t an indication
that they are uneducated, but simply no one has told them. For many, they have no idea that
they have a
choice. There are a number of them out there, so we’ll just mention 5 in this

Microsoft Edge

Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer. It was developed by Microsoft. It is widely used and most likely you use it. This browser comes with Microsoft Windows and is updated by Microsoft as part of their periodic updates. Because it is integrated into Windows, don’t even try to delete it. It takes a lot of technical know-how to do this. You just click on the big blue blob that, if you stare at it long enough, resembles a lower case “e”. It used to enjoy the reputation of having the largest market share and no competition to speak of. That has changed over the years as it has been challenged by others that are faster and easier to use. (At least in our opinion.)


This program was developed by Mozilla and steadily overtook Microsoft’s
market share. It started
adding some neat features and caused Microsoft to update their
own product to try to stay on top. Because it is not normally installed on your computer, you’ll
need to go to www.mozilla.com. There, you’ll see the box that says you can download Firefox
for free. Once installed, you just click on the icon of a fox wrapped around the world. The
program checks for updates whenever it is connected to the internet.


This browser is a little newer but has been touted as the fastest browser around by
some that know these types of things. That, of course, is subject to debate. It was developed by Google and, like the others, above, is free and all you do is click on the 4-color ball to launch it. You can get this browser by visiting www.google.com. It also checks for updates when connected to the internet.


This browser is newer but many people love it and say it is more secure than the others out there.
You simply go to opera.com to download and install it.
It looks a bit different than the other browsers mentioned above, but works well.


Installed on Apple systems.

Many websites are developed to work best with one browser. It does take a bit of work for a
website designer to tweak it to work with all browsers. Microsoft, for instance, optimizes their
sites to work best with Edge. A good website developer usually tests their site with at least 3 browsers to see how it looks. Of course, today many people use a tablet or even smartphone to surf the web. This is a challenge for developers as they need to be sure their site works well on the small screens. So—experiment to see which meets your needs.